Thank you for reading our bio. To tell you how we started on this journey is to go to the beginning. Hi, this is Henry Park. I’m the father and the “head” of household you might say. But as my wife Andrea would say sometimes she is the “neck” that controls the head. HA!! But in all seriousness how this all came to be was about 9 years ago. And when I actually thought about it, it was always there my whole life. You see growing up I had a father who was always working. Coming from Korea he struggled financially trying to learn a new language and providing for his family. My dad started as a gardener and joined the military so he could come to the United States. My mom was a travel agent working for Korea Airlines. They met in Guam and that was where I was born. Shortly after I was born, they moved to Hawaii since my dads side of the family moved there and that was where my brother was born. After that we moved to Los Angeles so you can see by 5 years old I had already lived in 3 different places.

Growing up we always struggled financially. My mom became a waitress at a Japanese restaurant after me and my brother was born. My father ended up working for my aunt/uncle as a cashier at a Shell gas station. Back then minimum wage was $3.25 an hour so that’s what my dad made. It was at that point, there was a turning point in my life. All the Shell dealers were required to open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Since my dad so desperately needed the hours he would work at the gas station 7 days a week. At night since it was slow, my dad had a little makeshift bed where he would sleep at night and that was the last I saw of him for a few years. I remembered hating life and wanted to see my dad, even hated the gas station for taking my dad away!!​

My dad somehow convinced me that he was working for the family and I believed him. You see we were poor, living in a 1 bedroom apartment called Hawaiian Gardens. It was a HUD low income housing apartment. Don’t get me wrong some of my best childhood memories was living in that apartment. But when you come from nothing, all you want is the best because you have nothing.

Well anyways, my dad eventually went to night school to become a mechanic. He went to Cypress College and became an ASC certified mechanic. He became a mechanic and i loved those years. We would go fishing, camping on the weekends, basketball. I loved it.​